Linx Partners

The establishment of Linx Partners brought together the Founders—Barbara M. Henagan and Peter J. Hicks—who have worked together professionally for over 30 years and subsequently Senior Professionals Giny E. Mullins, Melissa H. Nims and Mark R. Niznik. Our team has extensive private equity, investment banking and operational experience in the lower middle-market sector. While each team member has clear strengths, every member is involved in deal origination, due diligence, portfolio monitoring and realizations. This Firm focuses heavily on the team mentality of “one name on the door.” As such, Linx works with its portfolio management teams to ensure that the team members working with that particular company have the appropriate and best skill set to meet the needs of that business. We believe that the depth and breadth of our experience in successfully acquiring, operating, enhancing and growing lower middle-market companies complemented by prudent fund management are critical to creating value.